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Resolute Systems, LLC

2023 BRONZE RING CERTIFICATION Contact: Ryan Hamilton
1661 N. Water St., Suite 501 Milwaukee WI 53202 Work Phone: (414) 276-4774 Membership: September 23, 2021 Website: www.resolutesystems.com
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MISSION STATEMENT: Resolute maintains a diverse pool of qualified and highly skilled neutrals who are selected from a broad cross-section of people, diverse in race, culture, gender, age and background. Resolute has the largest D&I panel in the county, with 915 neutrals in all 50 states that meet D&I criteria. Resolute is committed to continuing to diversifying its pool of qualified neutrals and actively recruits mediators and arbitrators from the bench, professional organizations, other ADR training providers, as well as recommendations from its clients and neutral panel members. Offering a Diverse panel of qualified neutrals increases the effectiveness of Resolute’s ADR programs.

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