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Kopka Pinkus Dolin PC

Contact: Robert J. Kopka
Work 100 Lexington Drive, Suite 100 Buffalo Grove IL 60089 Work Phone: (847) 549-9611 Membership: August 10, 2021 Website: www.kopkalaw.com
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MISSION STATEMENT:  At Kopka Pinkus Dolin, we believe our law firm has a positive role to play to diversify our industry and encourage inclusiveness in ourselves, our law firm, our communities and our society. Accordingly, we consider diversity and inclusion in every decision we make. Recognizing that racism and other forms of bias exist in our society, the purpose of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee is to educate and rally support for inclusiveness and respect within our firm, and beyond.

Nobody should ever feel ostracized, discriminated against, harassed, or abused. We participate in forums, learning opportunities, training, and social activities to promote understanding and camaraderie. We celebrate ethnic holidays; have film reviews, cookbooks, and social service events promoting inclusion, respect, and appreciation for our shared value of inclusion.

I am very proud of the wonderful action of our Diversity & Inclusion Committee and our KPD Cares committees. We live our core value of respectfulness when we use our firm to perform acts of loving-kindness in our communities and provide safe spaces for our fellow employees. These ideas take our firm beyond our day-to-day work and provide a level of meaning and job satisfaction that propels us from great to extraordinary

  • Do you have a written diversity strategy that has been communicated to your employees?  YES
  • Do you tie a component of compensation to diversity efforts?  NO
  • Do you have a policy that specifically prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression?  YES
  • Do you provide opportunity for employees to voluntarily disclose their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression through your company’s data collective procedures?  YES
  • Do you have a policy that specifically provides for paid parental leave?  YES
  • Do you have an equality or diversity and inclusion policy?  YES
  • Do you have a policy that allows employees to work part-time without benefits?  YES
  • Do you have a policy that allows employees to work flexible hours?  YES
    • We have 34 partners
      • 29% are women
      • 12% identify as either African American, Asian or Multi-Racial
    • Total Employees:  255
      • 65% Women
      • 18% Racially Diverse
      • 3% LGBTQ+
    • Executive Management Diversity:
      • 41% Women
      • 15% Racially Diverse
      • 3% LGBTQ+
    • Diversity and Inclusion Officer:  Bob Kopka at jkopka@kopkalaw.com
    • Diversity and Inclusion Committee (Each office has a dedicated Diversity and Inclusion Committee)
      • Please contact Bob Kopka for specifics
    • Leadership within a Diversity Organization
      • National Bar Association
      • MCCA
    • Presenting a diversity-focused topic at a professional event
      • Bob Kopka
        • CLM Focus (October 2021) “Challenges and Triumphs:  Insights from some of the Nation’s Top Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officers”
        • Martin Luther King Day: “I Have a Dream”
      • Jessica Oladapo – “Unpacking the Tough Conversations”
    • Presenting a diversity-focused topic at a professional event
      • Bob Kopka
        • Black Lives Matter Statement to KPD
        • KPD Connect Issues
    • Reporting of DE&I Metrics
      • We have also participated in a variety of Diversity Surveys from:
        • The Remsen Group
        • MCCA
        • Bloomberg
    • Attendance at diversity focused events:  YES
    • Diversity Training:  YES
      • Diversity 2 Inclusion, Inc.
        • September 23, 2020 Foundations of Implicit Bias: Implications and Strategies Toward Progress
        • October 21, 2020 Implicit Bias: A Deeper Dive
        • November 18, 2020 Microaggressions and Privilege
        • January 13, 2021 On Being and Doing Nonracism and Antiracism
        • February 10, 2021 Black History Month Conversation: Having and Celebrating Black Joy During Crisis
        • arch 10, 2021 For Such a Time as This: Race, Racism, Antiracism and Allyship
    • Membership payments for employees to join diverse organizations:  YES
    • Social Responsibility: Volunteerism and donation to causes promoting equity partnering outside DE&I Groups
      • Each office has a KPD Cares Committee. We have volunteered our time at local food pantries, collected goods such as school supplies, coats, clothing and food for a number of organizations.
    • How do you demonstrate your commitment to DE&I organizations now and what are your future plans?
      • In 2020 and 2021 KPD offered a program by Diversity 2 Inclusion Inc. via Zoom to the entire firm.
      • We have also signed up for Diversity Counsel Training.
      • Bob Kopka is on a panel at CLM in Chicago re Challenges and Triumphs: Insights from some of the Nation’s Top Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officers .
      • The firm signed the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion.
      • The firm has also partnered with a number of minority bar associations to work together.
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