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Hamilton, Miller & Birthisel, LLP

Contact: Jerry Hamilton
Work 150 Southeast Second Ave, Suite 1200 Miami, FL 33131 Work Phone: (305) 379-3686 Certification: March 18, 2021 Website: www.hamiltonmillerlaw.com
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MISSION STATEMENT:  The leadership of Hamilton, Miller & Birthisel is committed to creating a workplace that values the contribution of all of our employees. We understand that our clients require our attorneys and staff to offer them the innovative thinking that comes from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and viewpoints.

  • Do you have a written diversity strategy that has been communicated to your employees?  YES
  • Do you tie a component of compensation to diversity efforts?  YES
  • Do you have a policy that specifically prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression?  YES
  • Do you provide opportunity for employees to voluntarily disclose their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression through your company’s data collective procedures?  YES
  • Do you have a policy that specifically provides for paid parental leave?  YES
  • Do you have an equality or diversity and inclusion policy?  YES
  • Do you have a policy that allows employees to work part-time with benefits?  YES
  • Do you have a policy that allows employees to work part-time without benefits?  YES
  • Do you have a policy that allows employees to work flexible hours?  YES
    •  45% our firm’s attorneys are minorities
    • 50% are women
    • 60% of our firm partners are minorities
    • 42% of our firm partners are women
    • Total Employees:  135
    • Executive Management Diversity:
      • Jerry Hamilton 33.33% African American
      • Jennifer Miller Brooks 33.33% African American
    • Diversity and Inclusion Officer:  Jerry Hamilton
    • Diversity and Inclusion Committee:
      • Jerry Hamilton
      • Jennifer Miller
      • Niva Harney
      • Schuyler Smith
    • Leadership within a Diversity Organization
      • Jerry Hamilton – NAMWOLF
      • Schuyler Smith – Florida Association for Women Lawyers
    • DEI Awards and Recognitions
      • Ranked by the Daily Business Review as one of Florida’s Most Diverse Law firms and for having the highest percentage of black attorneys
      • 2019 Liberty Mutual Legal Academy – Central Region Diversity & Inclusion Award recognizing HM&B for the law firm’s service to the community and legal profession through its sustained efforts to promote diversity and inclusion.
    • Presenting a diversity-focused topic at a professional event
      • Schuyler Smith: Correcting Pay and Gender disparity to FAWL
      • Schuyler Smith:  Unconscious Bias in the Workplace to NBA AND NAWL
    • Attendance at diversity focused events:  YES
    • Diversity Training:  YES
    • Sponsorship of a Diversity Event
      • NAMWOLF
      • Corporate Counsel Women of Color
      • DRI for Diversity
      • Florida Association of Women Lawyers
      • National Bar Association
    • Membership payments for employees to join diverse organizations:  YES
    • Scholarship programs toward recognized diversity pipeline:
      • Hamilton Miller Birthisel developed the Brownsville Middle School Law Academy Program which funds a law circular for primarily minority middle school students and also built a 21st Century Courtroom
    • Supplier/Business partner diversity program:  YES
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