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MISSION STATEMENT:  CFI Consultants, LLC is committed to building a diverse team of professionals to better serve our clients. We celebrate both broad and unique perspectives across our team members to inspire collaboration and communication. It encourages our team to be the best, simply by being themselves.

  • Do you have a written diversity strategy that has been communicated to your employees?  YES
  • Do you have a policy that specifically prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression?  YES
  • Do you provide opportunity for employees to voluntarily disclose their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression through your company’s data collective procedures?  YES
  • Do you have a policy that specifically provides for paid parental leave?  YES
  • Do you have an equality or diversity and inclusion policy?  YES
  • Do you have a policy that allows employees to work part-time without benefits?  YES
  • Do you have a policy that allows employees to work flexible hours?  YES
    • 51% Antonio Irizarry (Hispanic)
    • 49% Beth Callahan (woman)
    • Diversity and Inclusion Officer:  Kareem Ismail
    • Diversity and Inclusion Committee:
      • Antonio Irizarry
      • Kareem Ismail
      • Alexandra Lavrador
      • Greg Cameron
    • Leadership within a Diversity Organization
      • Antonio Irizarry (RING Certification, CLM)
    • DEI Awards and Recognitions
      • Diversity Equity & Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate (USF)
    • Presenting a diversity-focused topic at a professional event
      • Antonio Irizarry: Challenges and Triumphs: Insights from some of the Nation’s Top Diversity, Equity, & inclusion Professionals
      • Antonio Irizarry: Bridging Generational Gaps in the Litigation, Insurance, and Claims Industries in 2021
    • Women and/or minorities that hold board member positions in any other organization
            • Antonio Irizarry – CLM DEI Committee, Ring Advisory Board, Callahan & Fusco DE&I Chairman
  • Reporting of DE&I metrics
            • FedEx Ground
            • CLM Alliance
            • Callahan & Fusco
            • State of New Jersey
  • Attendance at diversity focused events:  YES
  • Diversity Training:  YES
    • Sponsorship of a Diversity Event
      • HBCU Impact
    • Membership payments for employees to join diverse organizations:  YES
    • Scholarship programs toward recognized diversity pipeline:
      • HBCU Impact
      • ALPFA Scholarship
    • Supplier/Business partner diversity program:  YES
    • Social Responsibility: Volunteerism and donation to causes promoting equity partnering outside DE&I Groups: YES
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