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Board Boost Consulting provides strategic consulting, resources and action plans to help nonprofit and for-profit organizations diversify their board of directors. We provide customized guidance to successfully implement and sustain a board diversity effort by designing the future composition of a board based on gaps, expected needs, customer/community profile and strategic goals. In addition, Board Boost Consulting offers diversity, race equity, and inclusion training in a customized format designed for boards. More and more boards want to diversify, but it must be done the right way to reap the benefits.

Founded by Ali Levin, a former Dell executive and author of the book: Boost Your Nonprofit Board: A Diversification Guide. Levin has a Master of Science in community sciences and nonprofit leadership from the University of Florida, and has completed Cornell University’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program. Board Boost Consulting has collaborated with Vernetta Walker, a senior advisor on diversity, inclusion, and equity (DI&E) at BoardSource, on several DI&E projects with organizations such as American Gastroenterological Association and NeighborWorks America. Other prior clients include the Empowerment Plan, the Fieldstone Leadership Network, the Erie Zoological Society, and the Community Foundation of North Central Florida.

Services include:

  • Diversity, Race Equity, and Inclusion Training – Customized to your needs, goals, and time availability. A foundational step of board diversity is understanding the history and the current state of structural racism and biases which will provide your organization with the knowledge to apply a racial equity lens to your board’s work and your organization’s services.
  • Board Diversity Training – Customized to your needs, goals, and time availability. Review of Board Boost Consulting’s Board Diversity Process including the Foundational Steps, the Intermediate Steps and the Advanced Steps. Providing your organization with the knowledge, tools and resources needed to kickoff your board diversification effort.
  •  Board Recruiting Plan – Outlines your recruitment steps to find candidates to match your organization’s needs and to align with your goals. What you will receive: current state composition assessment of skills and experiences, board working sessions to determine skills, experiences and community connections needed to develop a successful recruiting plan, and the creation of your board candidate pipeline.
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Assessment Tool – Designed to help organizations assess their current status and future progress on the journey to make their DEI values a reality. Assessment scores provide a general indication of an organization’s current status. Sections include: a) Vision & Leadership, b) People & Operations, c) Services & Community engagement, d) Evaluation, and e) Climate & Culture. What you will receive: score and description, sample recommendations of best practices, free text interpretation, and the creation of your organization’s action plan.
  • Racial Equity Lens Workshop – Deep dive into your organization’s mission, services and programming to gain an understanding of the racial inequity data and touchpoints. assess the medium and long-term outcomes of each of your goals to ensure racial equity is embedded for your supported communities.
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